Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunday October 16th

October 16th 7:00am...  God forbid I sleep late on a weekend.  So after the ride on Saturday, I had a run on Sunday morning.  The wife and I ran the Fireman's 10k in Dorchester.  Race starts at 10am, I set my alarm for 8am, wife decides to set hers for 7am so by default, rise and shine buddy!  Got up early enough to eat a good breakfast and take the dog out for a walk.  Also, had enough time to realize how sore my legs, shoulders and neck were from the ride on Saturday.  It sucks to get old ;o). 
Made it to the race with low expectations.  Hoping to run it under an hour.  Let me take you back to a couple years ago when I would run all the time and I'd run a 10K in about 47 minutes and I weighed about 25 lbs less.  Running was easy back then.  These days not so much.  My running has has dwindled to ... ummmmm once a weekish, typically only if I am signed up for a race of some sort, like this one.
Anyways, as my lovely wife, who is much faster than I am and in better shape, headed up to the start line, I stayed right around the middle of the pack and turned on my headphones.  Start gun goes off, and we're off.  I won't bore you with the details of the run but I will tel you I felt surprising good at the finish.  I will tell you, it made a huge difference for me to look just a few steps ahead of me rather than off into the distance, looking for the finish line and getting overwhelmed by how many miles were left.  55 minutes.  Not too bad for a WEEKEND WARRIOR(sorry I needed to work that in there). 
we met up with another friend of ours and had a couple beers after the run.  Nothing says fitness like a couple cold ones!  Good times!  After that we went home and watch the Patriots easily hand the Cowboys another loss.  Ok not so easy but still, it was entertaining!

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