Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday Dog Walk and Monday Workout

So after a great mtn bike ride on Saturday, Sunday was the day of the Cause 4 Paws charirty run/walk.  The wife and I raised some cash at our work places over the last few weeks and headed to Marina Bay for the event.  It was a really great time and a good cause.  The money raised goes towards the Quincy Animal Shelter.  We voted(wife decided) that she would run the 5k and I would walk Tukka(the dog) on the 1 mile walk.  Needless to say the wife kicked ass and banged out the run in 23 minutes while I moseyed along talking to one of my old profs from college.  Lots of dogs in costumes and I'm pretty sure we saw one of the cutest puppies ever.  I'll throw some pics on here if I can figure out how.  The rest of the day was pretty much spent watching football and doing nothing!
some good news on the Weekend Warrior front, I actually made it to the gym this morning.  Dragged my ass out of bed at 4:45, got dressed if my finest bright orange wind pants and navy blue sweatshirt, and drove semiconscious to the the gym.  Felt week since it has really been a while since I got in there but I banged out a decent chest workout.  I am hoping this was the first step to starting a trend.  The plan is to get back in there on Wednesday morning and keep it going.  I have to tell you, once I am up, I'm good to go but getting out of bed, knowing I have to go to work, just makes me want to stay in bed.  Tell me I can go for a ride or run a race and I need to get up at 6am on a Saturday or Sunday and I get up with no problem.  Funny how that works!  Anyways, I need to wrap this up but I am off on Thursday and Friday this week and I am running a marathon relay with some friends on Sunday so I should have some interesting shtuff to write about.

Here's the pics...

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