Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ice... not just for keeping drinks cold!

     So in my last post I mentioned having Thursday and Friday off and having something exciting to post but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much going on.  Due to the lousy weather on Thursday(tons of rain and wind) I was basically stuck with working out in the gym rather than getting outside for a run or a ride but that was ok.  Feels great to get back into the gym and get some consistent workouts in.  this was a good shoulder workout.  Minimal pain int my left shoulder which bothers me on occasion.  Did some ab exercises to work my core since God knows I don't have abs!  Stopped by Gamestop on the way home and picked up a couple video games so I could have another distraction to keep me from keeping myself fit.
Stayed up late Thursday night playing Black Ops online with a couple buddies. 
     The wife did get something cool in the mail though.   A couple weeks ago she received and email from ActiveShwaggle and they were selling Timex GPS watches for 50% off so she ordered one.   For those of you who don't know, the GPS watches will basically tell you your time and distance while you run.  Since they are tied into GPS they can get pretty exact with the distances as well as give you the pace at which you are currently running and most act as heart rate monitors.  they are really cool and I recommend getting one if you run or bike with any frequency.  The wife and I currently use Garmin 405s and love them.  you can download the data after a run and all kinds of cool crap.  Anyways, her new watch showed up yesterday and my first thought was that I thought she ordered a satellite watch, not the whole friggin satellite!  And then I thought, well maybe she just ordered the special Flavor Flav watch.  Here are a couple pics so you can see what I mean.  Keep in mind that the Garmin watch is already a pretty good sized watch.

I'll assume you get the picture.  We had a couple good laughs about it.  It really looks huge on her skinny little wrist(BTW the hairy wrist in the pic is mine, not hers).

Today, Friday, was a much better day as far as the weather goes.  I got up this morning and the wife had sent the dog to daycare so I had a free day.  I made myself a nice big breakfast and logged onto my work email while my food settled.  After about an hour I got dressed for a run.  The weather was perfect.  40 degrees, no wind and plenty of sun.  Off I went on my 4.5 mile loop.  I am pretty sure this was my first run since Sunday two weeks ago.  I really felt great for the first 2 miles and then it was a struggle.  First of all, my foot started hurting.  Chronic plantar fasciatis = good times(please note the sarcasm).  Then my will to run began to wane.  I wish I could figure that out but lately it seems as though my mind has decided that I will not be pushing myself through any "running walls".  I spent the next 20 minutes yelling at myself inside my own head.  Really strange.  Put me in a race and I can't quit, go out for a training run and it's like my head just shuts it down.  As a result, I basically slogged my way through the rest of my run.  It took me about 42 minutes.  By no means a fast pace but I was happy to get through it.  Funny that I just ran the BAA Half Marathon  about a month ago.  That was also a struggle but not until mile 9 ;0).

After the run it was lunch and more work.  Then met up with the wife and a few of her coworkers for some drinks, picked up the puppy, and came home to ice my foot, hence the title of this entry.   I hoped you enjoyed this short tale and will come back again.  I am mountain biking at 8:30  Saturday at Wompatuck State Park if anyone is interested, feel free to join us.  I am also running a marathon relay down in Falmouth on Sunday so I should have some good pics.
Hope to see you again soon! 

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