Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Weekend Races... Oh yeah and there was Zombies!!

You know what a cubicle basically says? It basically says, like, 'You know what? We don't think you're smart enough for an office, but we don't want you to look at anybody.'  -- Bill Burr
Hello hello.  Lets get right into it.  I have been trying to get out and do some running/training over the last couple of weeks now that race season is here, or as i call it... season of survival.  Due to my current lack of physical fitness and my state of physical fatness, running has been a bit of a chore.  The extra pounds have started to take their toll on my legs as I run.  Regardless, the best way for me to drop the weigth is to suck it up and get out there and pound the pavement, which is apprpriate since I run with the old foot stomp technique!  Mixed in over the past couple weeks have been some great workouts with my buddy Demacishaw(thanks pal) as well as some good solo workouts.
3 weeks ago, Saturday 4/22 we ran Doyle's Run.  It's a nice up and down 5 mile race in Jamaica Plain that starts in the park near the hospital and ends at Doyle's Bar.  I felt ok, slow but ran the whole thing, no stopping, minimal foot pain.  Overall good times!  Met up with my buddy Paul g. for a couple free beers after the race and celebrated!
The week after we ran a marathon relay.  Don't get too excited.  this was just a 26.2 mile race split into 6 legs.  It was a great time with great folks.  I was the anchor, not the last leg, just the slowpoke of the group!
Here are some pics from the race.
 Here is most of the crew.  Jowderballs, D. Walsh, Scavdawg, ShawnoMac, and the Italian Smooth Criminal!
Same crew, just a little stupider :)

This one includes The Boss, Mrs. Jowderballs.
 D Walsh, finishing her leg, looking strong to start us off.
 The Smooth Criminal taking off at a blistering pace(the pic doesn't do it credit)!
 ISC coming in hot...
 Jowderballs rumblin' bumblin' and stumblin out of the gate... 
 And just happy to be almost done as i show a slow mving truuck who owns this effing road!
 Off is Joe, hauling ass...
 And flying across the finish line!
 Yup, the great white monkey!
The Boss giving the thumbs up as she motors in.

ShawnoMac cruising in to finish th race for us with a strong last leg.

Final time 3:20:26.  Good enough for 10th place out of 48!
A great time was had by all and we finished it off with some free beers(and some not so free) and some good food!
Finally, this weekend we did the Run For Your Life race in Amesbury MA.
This race was so much fun!  Me, a couple buddies from work and one of those guys friend ran it and enjoyed everything about it.  They stuck us all in corrals before we took off.  The corrals were labeled "Appetizer" for the fast people, "Entree" for the medium paced runners, and "Dessert" for the slowbies.
The military had us locked in the dark until it was go time and then we were off!!

Yup, the friggin' PowerRangers were there...

Off to the left in the do-rag and flannel is my buddy J. Keating.  Behind him to the left is yours truly, Jowderballs. 

To the right, half out of the picture is  JaySil, Jowderballs, the fat guy trucking up the hill in the middle, and Jeffery, all of us exhausted straight out of the gate, running up... 

this giant effing hill!!! The Pic doesn't really do it justice.  It was basically a hill, covered with lots of small hills, made of deep ass mud.  Unfortunately, the bystanders  which consisted of The Boss, JaySil's girl, Jeffery's wife and a couple of their frioends were only able to see the beginning and the end(pics below) of the race.  In between there was a ton of mud, lots of zombies, some slow, some fast, some willing to chase you for a mile and some that just let you run on by.  We saw them all.  We all took some pretty good spills, surprisingly, I might have been the least injured of the 4 of us, and if you have seen previous posts, that's saying something!
Top right if you can blow up the next couple pics you'll see me and the boys at the top of the "small" slide.  the next couple pics are us coming down the big one.  no lie, felt like we were doing 30MPH down the hill!

Almost done...

Fat bastard's exhausted!

Last challenge was to crawl under this fence thing.  Yeah, by the way, it's electrified.  I didn't know that until I felt someone punch me in the back.  that feeling was me getting zapped!  Good times! 

Jeffery crawling along...

Jay just about to cross the finish line!

The RFYL medal we all got!

Here's a couple "before" pics, nice clean crew.

Jeffery with a little prerace beer.
NIce post race pic.  We had 2 survivors and 2 that didn't make it, but dammit, we had FUN!!! Below are some of the sights and scenery at the race!

The Boss is not impressed with this clowning around!

Don't ask, I didn't take her picture and I don't know who she is, all I know is she has a necklace made of zombie ears, and that makes her pretty cool in my book!

Oh, and here's a video another buddy filmed of the race. If it doesn't just pop up with a click, cut and paste into your browser.  And have the volume on... its a real thriller!
The Zombie 5k run in Amesbury, MA on 5/5/2012. 11:00 am Wave: "Dessert" group. H...elmet Cam footage/editing by Russell Miner. Filmed on a GoPro HD Hero Special...
That's all I have for now.  This weekend we are running the Ragnar relay down the Cape.   Check out their link and I'll see you next time, hopefully with some cool pics!