Monday, November 7, 2011

"I couldn't wait for success.... I went ahead without it." -- Jonathan Winters

I have been neglecting my duties as a blogger.  I wish I could blame the circumstances of this past week, but I can't.  It is more a matter of laziness on my part.  So I will try to keep the next couple entries short and sweet.  I would like to dedicate this entry to my buddy Jimmy who had a heart attack this week.  He is recovering now after a scary couple of days but he is surrounded by folks that love and support him so I want to wish him a speedy recovery.

Sunday, October 30th, 8:30am Falmouth MA -- Cape Cod marathon relay.  I know what your thinking, "Holy shit, who would run a relay race made up of marathons???".  My response to that, also in quotes "Who has 2 thumbs and can't run a marathon?? This guy!"  Sorry to disappoint but the marathon portion of this is the total distance run by all 5 members of our team.  We basically decided the only fair way to break up the legs of the race was to just bump everyone up by one leg from last year when we ran it.  I was lucky enough to fall into the first leg which is definitely the shortest and flatest leg.. ***SIDENOTE -- The Bruins just scored in the opening minute and McQuaid just got in a fight with a guy on the Islanders team that looks like the redheaded kid from Children of the Corn and Can't Buy Me Love

Back to the run.  The Cape Cod Marathon is a legit tough marathon, helped by the fact that this was the day after our first snowfall(luckily none down the Cape) and there was 40 mph winds as we ran by the water.  It was one of those really cold out days but very sunny so most people over dressed.  Luckily for us we had planned to wear costumes!  Below are some pics and comments from the race!

Myself, Shelly from college, and her husband Al. She ran the entire marathon God bless her.

Team PaceMakers:  Jason, Bruce, Jowderballs, Mrs. Jowderballs, and Amanda in our sexy tu tu's and cool hats, and lined up by height?!

Pretty sure my handoff of the baton to Bruce is waaaay in the background.

Bruce taking off!! leg #2

Jason on the right, Jowderballs(that sexy beast) on the left~

Sexy cow!  That's what the hat is BTW!

Bruce hands off to Sexy Cow for leg 3#.

Run Sexy Cow Ruuunnnnn!!!!!!

And there go the Mario Brothers who also ran the entire marathon!

Bruce showing off his kickass gangsta mullet!

Jason, with a shark eating his head, right before leg #4.

Mrs. Jowderballs after leg #3  Moo!

Bruce and Sexy Cow!

Amanda, Little Ewok!(Google it if you don't know)

Mr. and Mrs. Jowderballs! Happy to be done!

Jason, sprinting to the handoff, and he still has that damn shark on his head!

Jason and Bruce! Just glad to be done!

Amanda finishing up the final leg!  Run Little Ewok ruuuunnnnnn!!!!

Team PaceMakers, after the run!

The run was a blast.  We are team Pacemakers because my buddy Bruce has had a pacemaker since before they were cool!  Amanda is his daughter and they run together 5 days a week.  So lucky!  Jason is a friend of Amanda's who was nice enough to fill in for another buddy who couldn't make it this year.  We got tons of comments about the hats and the Tu Tu's, mostly good and it seemed that the actual marathoners appreciated the costumes and the humor involved.  Hopefully we helped a few of them get past some of their walls that they may have hit.  We did finish about a minute faster than last year so that was good, even though we all felt that we had run much better.  Next year should be even faster!  This Weekend Warrior Marches on.  Hopefully another entry tomorrow about the race the wife and I ran this Sunday!  Good Night, God Bless, and Go B's!(6-2 victory!) 

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  1. I can't decide which nickname I like better: Mrs. Jowderballs or Sexy Cow.